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New Stuff and Restocks 8/7

I realized that I wasn't using this spot at all so I figured I'd start putting the updates on here so people can see what's new in the shop.

New Stuff and Restocks - 8/7
Alcoholics, The "East Of Sepulveda" LP
Alien Nosejob "Death of the Vinyl Boom" 7"
Anarchists On Dope (A.O.D.) "S/T" LP
Angelic Upstarts "The Independent Punk Singles Collection" 2xLP
Anti/DogmatikSS "Rompan Filas!!!" LP
Banned From Chicago "1978" LP
Bizarros "Complete Collection 1976-1980" 2xLP
Brat, The "Straight Outta East L.A." 2xLP
Cavemen, The "Band In BC" 7"
Claudio Simonetti's Goblin, Daemonia "Dawn of the Dead" LP
Crack "In Search Of The Crack" LP
"Deadly Prey" Soundtrack LP
Dianetics "And Psycho Horse" 7"
Dream Probe "Demo Coleccion" 7"
Enemy , The "Gateway To Hell" LP
Erik Nervous "Nervoloid" 7"
Face , The "100% Beat" 7"
Fastbacks "Now Is The Time" 2xLP
Fathead Suburbia "Control The Masses" 7"
Fossil Fuel "Punk Rock Karate Chop" 7"
Gags , The "Gotterdammerung 1979-80" LP
Gang Green "Sold Out" 7"
Gee Tee "S/T" LP
GG Allin & The Scumfucs "Eat My Fuc" LP
G.I.S.M. "Detestation" LP
G.I.S.M. "Human Condition" LP
Hitler SS "Skate Like Elvis" CD
Hollywood Brats "Sick On You" 2xLP
Husker Du "The Complete Spin Radio Concert" LP
Kina "Irreale Realta" LP
Kina "Nessuno Schema Nella Mia Vita" LP
Lip Cream "Kill All Ugly Pop!" 2xLP
Liquids "Evil" 7"
Maniacs "So Far..So Loud" LP
Maniacs / Tin Can Army "Split" LP
Minutemen "The Lost 1981 Mabuhay Broadcast" LP
Mummies, The "Larry Winther And His Mummies" 7"
No Trend "Too Many Humans" LP
Plastic EP & The Records "Best Of" 7"
Plastic EP & The Records "Well You Want To Make A Record" 7"
Pure Hell "These Boots Are Made For Walking / No Rules" 7"
Rapt "Thrash War Discography 1984/1987" LP +7" + CD
Rik & The Pigs "A Child's Gator" LP
Rockabilly Yobs "(Gonna Beat You) Like A Red-Headed Stepchild" 7"
Rude Kids "Palisades Park" 7"
Samhain "Black Flame" LP
SDS "The Future Stay In The Darkness Fog" LP
Septic Death "Theme From Ozobozo" LP
SIC "High Voltage & Uncontrolled" LP
Simpletones "California" LP
Skeptix "So The Youth" LP
SNFU "And No One Else Wanted To Play" LP
Sueves "Stare / Deal" 7"
Swankys , The "Never Can Eat Swank Dinner" LP
Target Of Demand "Man's Ruin" LP
Terminal Stupid "Shock Therapy" LP
Trial By Fire "1982" LP
Untouchables , The "In Their Eyes" 7"
Vendetta "Modern Rockers Flexi" 7"
Von Gam "1 Gen Punk" LP
X-20 // SUBDOM split Cassette
V/A "Body Section" LP
V/A "Bored Teenagers vol. 9 : 18 Great British Punk Originals '77-'82" LP
V/A "Rock '80" LP

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