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Brain, The "S/T" 7"

Brain, The "S/T" 7"


Side A: First Steps
Side B: Too Much To Dream


“I live in a clean city that does normal things to friendly people.”
What’s it like living in Toronto, Ontario – the gentrification capital of the Western world, where condominiums leap from the ground like obelisks to the city’s decaying sense of cultural identity – in 2017? What’s non-ironic psych-punk? And what’s the difference between seeing a city from above and walking in it? “Come again?” Go ask The Brain.
“I had too much to dream last night.”
Let’s go for a walk, baby. Through a psychedelic nightmare. Through a space that’s at once alien yet also conjures some of our most hauntingly familiar anxieties. Through a glimmering cityscape where the children are always smiling, but something’s not quite right. A fleet of buses drove through the city one day and the streets have remained quiet after that. Nothing was ever the same again, and nothing was really any different.
“I went for a walk.”
This record is the first leg of a walk with an uncertain future – the first couple of steps in a new direction. New sounds, new story, same organ. Everything that was said before has been turned in its head, and now we’re standing on the sidewalk. Watch your step now.

Press of 300

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