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Catty Witch "Les Enfants Terrible Du Punk!" 7" (Flexi)

Catty Witch "Les Enfants Terrible Du Punk!" 7" (Flexi)


Side A: I'm Child, Hosaga

Side B: Lost Ear, Droog

New series "KILLED BY POGO77" is for reissuing old demo-tapes of both unknown and famous punk
bands in 90's and 00's as Flexi/7" records. "KILLED BY POGO77" puts these old bands back in
the spotlight for punks of today and in the future to enjoy!. This is "KILLED BY POGO77".
pogo77 records:noriyasu imamura(tom and boot boys)
A long time ago, I started to write down an introduction for record of "RAW PUNK"...Upon completing,
it had a fuckin’ awesome 80's punk style… a style that I craved and needed so much! We don’t
give a fuck about anything if we don’t listen to that music loud! What is nostalgia? Who knows!?!
Favorites are favorites!! I know that!! What I know is these old bands; they deserve to be known
and recognised for the punks now and in the future… well after I’m dead! I want to tear up the
trend and consumption limb from limb. Punk continues through the times, it doesn’t matter how
old it is. It’s spirit continues and still relevant in a fucked world. That won't change anytime

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