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Cavemen, The "Band In BC" 7"

Cavemen, The "Band In BC" 7"


Side A: Ca Ca (My Wall), Lucy, Beef, Cannibal

Side B: Unghh, Band In BC, Bones & Grease

The Cavemen are straight out of your stone age nightmares.

Songs about bashing bones on rock, primitive love and cannibalism.

This is the 7 song vinyl version of their amazing Band In B.C. cassette!

The Cavemen – Band In B.C. 7″ Vinyl EP

 “Reportedly, a group of archeologists accidentally unearthed an ancient piece of technology, which was tucked deep within a cave that’s been long-buried underneath a cascading sea of rocks and petrified fecal matter, implying that the cavern hasn’t seen any human contact within thousands of years – or as said piece of technology seems to suggest, just a few weeks. It was far too archaic for any of the on-site scientists to identify, so it was eventually decided that it’d be best to send it off to an external Bostonian lab for proper testing. After extensive research, a 22 year old college graduate discovered that this small, rectangular piece of cheaply-manufactured material wasn’t as ancient as suspected – it was actually an “audio cassette tape”, a media format that, for better or for worse, is still just as archaic and useless as originally thought. These video compiles the brutish, surfy sounds that were found etched within the confines of said audio cassette tape.

Personally, I think that tape should’ve fuckin’ stayed in that goddamn cave.

Okay, maybe not, because this tape’s pretty sweet. It could definitely do without some of the petrified-shit-pellets rollin’ around in the case though. Is this stuff even safe for me to touch? Hey, isn’t this how the Black Plague started? Can you imagine if 90% of the human population got wiped out again? Man. A dog can dream.”    

Jimmy the dog – 2016

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