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Dancer "I'm Not Giving Up" 7"

Dancer "I'm Not Giving Up" 7"


Side A: I'm Not Giving Up
Side B: Teenage Punk


Haters be damned, and punishers beware; Dancer don’t suffer no fools!

Here with an anthemic scorcher of an A-Side: “I’m Not Giving Up”, channels equal parts Cheap Trick & Thin Lizzy, delivering the ROCK GOD goods so convincingly its time to THROW your Kiss records out!

Flip it over for “Teenage Punk”, a swirling synth punk slice of misfit solace with words to live by (“all our friends, we don’t have friends”). Six singles in, and Dancer proves there are sick new moves comin’ from the crew responsible for Apache, Glitz, and Slick!

Recorded by Greg Ashley in a one and done press featuring awesome album art by the Human Lawnmower’s inimitable Avi Spivak.

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