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Dianetics "Book Learned" 7″

Dianetics "Book Learned" 7″


Side A: Uncle Herm RIP, Flu-like Symptoms (I Hope It's Cancer), You're The One (I Want To Fist Fight), I'm So Smart, I Don't Wanna (Wanna Wanna) Be Like You (I Wanna Be A Bee)
Side B: Thee Evolutionary Level Above Human (Longmont Potion Castle Is A Sellout)

"Vinyl edition of the demo cassette from spastic Chicago punks Dianetics. We get five sharp cuts of Midwestern hardcore punk on the A-side, accented by wildly effected vocals that sort of bounce between a chorused and slap-backed effect to sound almost super-human. Perhaps alien-esque? It honestly distracts a bit from the absolutely searing HC punk cuts laid down underneath, but doesn't take away from that at all. Side B is a complete departure, boasting "Thee Evolutionary Level Above Human", a near seven minute warp of ugly, noisy dirge with vocal effects driven even further. Almost reminds me of No Trend and really sets Dianetcs apart from the pack, especially if they're incorporating this kind of filth into the live set. "

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