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Dickhead Rescue "More Than..." 7"

Dickhead Rescue "More Than..." 7"


Side A: More Than...

Side B: Erepeato


Dickhead Rescue rescues dickheads. Thankless acts of goodwill inspires ungrateful whinging noise. New York cities Ever/Never label hears via interweb and offers 7"release. A-side 'More Than...' is swiped folk from Michael Hurley rethunk as blown-out pop snarl shimmer. B-side appropriately entitled 'Erepeato' does donuts in a muddy paddock until the wheels fall off. Dedicated to dickheads in perilous situations everywhere. Never fear, Dickhead Rescue is here! Hear it loud,hear it now!

"If you like your swooning pop muffled by fuzz, definitely check out the new Dickhead Rescue 7" on ever/never." -Pitchfork

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