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Disruptor Issue Four Zine

Disruptor Issue Four Zine


Disruptor is a zine that follows DIY, punk, and hardcore in all forms. This publication seeks to shine a light on important and unique perspectives that exist in these cultures, documenting both moments and movements. Its goal is to explore interesting and empowering music, art, people, and spaces. Disruptor is created and printed by Lucas Reif, an artist and designer living in Chicago, IL, and published by Good Person Recordings.

Issue Four of Disruptor was created and written during the Summer of 2017 in Chicago, IL. It was printed on a Risograph MZ1090 at Perfectly Acceptable Press, and features interviews with Institute and Isabella Mancini of Fed Up Fest. Photographic highlights include Limp Wrist, Bleeding Gums, Blystex, Xylitol, and more.

Edition of 100 two-color Risograph-printed zines. 32 pages on Dur-O-Tone Newsprint French Paper.

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