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CREEM "S/T" Cassette

CREEM "S/T" Cassette

A1 Think Twice 1:49
A2 Lucid 1:22
A3 Never End 1:17
A4 Dweller 1:59
B1 The Bricks 2:51
B2 The Wrong Man 1:42
B3 What The Fuck

Recorded and released in 2012 as 12" EP (its long gone from Deranged Rcs and Katorga Works who released it) and reissued as cassette now. NYC hardcore punk band CREEM influenced by 80's Boston hardcore and UKHC including members of Ajax, Natural Law, Nuclear Spring, Warthog, Concealed Blade, Hounds of Hate and many others. If you missed the EP, here's kinda replacement, so don't sleep.

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