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Didaktische Einheit "Dosis 6" Cass

Didaktische Einheit "Dosis 6" Cass


Schamtanz, Lebewesen, Frommigkeit, Mutterlieb, Stammheim
E-norm-ton, Vorsorgepaket


This mercurial Neue Deutche Welle "didactical unit" discharge thrillingly scabrous and prickly no-waveish sturm und drang, their great lungfuls of malcontent disgorged in a very Christoph Anders (Cassiber/Toto Lotto) way over a hotbed of Ravenstine-ian synth buzz, flutter and grind, sax blurt and percussive clatter. One of the best from the down-in-the-mouth wing of the NDW underground.


All tracks recorded live in Holland in 1982:
A1, A4 and B2 recorded in Amsterdam.
A2 recorded in Apeldorn.
A3 and A5 recorded in Nijmegen (Nimwegen)
B1 recorded in Den Haag.

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