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Erik Nervous "Conical Cranium Emulation" Cassette

Erik Nervous "Conical Cranium Emulation" Cassette


Discontinuous Introduction, Jazz Cunt, Left Leg, The Trooper, (Do The) Simulate, Discontinuous Outroduction


Discontinuous Innovation Incorporated is a company founded on the basic principals of: excellence, persistence, and staggeringly high gross profit margins. Our newest executive board member inductee: Erik Nervous lives, breathes, and exhumes these qualities and even soars above and beyond. As one of the youngest billionaire CEO's in the world, Nervous is endlessly devoted to the development and production of consumer products. Completely starting a multi-million dollar enterprise solo, Nervous to this day continuous to independently produce products. Business quarter after business quarter Erik is leading the way in the industry of innovation.

With that being said, Discontinuous Innovation Inc. is honored to present the "Conical Cranium Emulation" product to market. A product we feel will become a bench mark for innovation and an industry standard for years to come.


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