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Missbrukarna "Krigets Gentlemän" Cassette

Missbrukarna "Krigets Gentlemän" Cassette

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The first release on Outsider Classics is out!

I'm very honoured and absolutely thrilled to have Missbrukarna's "Krigets Gentlemän" tape as the first release on this sub-label, because it was one of my first connections to the wonderful world of Scandinavian hardcore/punk.

Missbrukarna (The Abusers) started out in 1980, but some of the members were already involved in the first wave of punk bands in Sweden, such as The Kallare (The Basement). That particular year, the band did a split 7" with Panik and three years later they recorded the fast & raw hardcore punk masterpiece called "Krigets Gentlemän", which was, unfortunately, their last recording, because many members moved out of town after its release. The band officially broke up in 1988, but their influence just kept on growing. For example, in the late 80s, they had strongly influenced Swedish hardcore legends Totalitär, a band that in their very beginnings played some of Missbrukarna's never released hardcore songs and did a few covers.

With the release of this little beast, you finally have the opportunity to enjoy these 17 songs by blasting 'em in their original format, unless you haven't already spent a shitload of your hard-earned cash on the original release.

Each tape comes with a 12-page A5 booklet featuring a great Stuart Schrader interview with Rolf, originally published in MRR 11 years ago.

The tape is limited to 175 copies.

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