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V/A Killed By Death #12 Cassette

V/A Killed By Death #12 Cassette


All American Punk! KBD #12 straight from HELL, NORWAY. With liner notes and classy labels......How would you like to be the ice man?

With hits from General Foodz, Ebenezer & The Bludgeons, Meaty Buys, Legionaire's Disease, Lizerds, Lubricants, Injections and more....


A1 Cardiac Kidz Get Out
A2 Aryan Disgrace Faggot In The Family
A3 Strike Under Context
A4 Genral Foodz Be So Funny
A5 Ebenezer & The Bludgeons Weekend Nazi
A6 Cult Heroes Amerikan Story
A7 Lizerds Is It Late?
A8 Lubricants Activated Energy
A9 Ground Zero Nothing
A10 Injections Lies
B1 Rejects EEG
B2 Rejects Barbed Wire Baby
B3 Meaty Buys New Freedumb
B4 Silly Killers Knife Manual
B5 Nubs I Don't Need You
B6 Legionaire's Disease Downtown
B7 Peer Pressure Sounds Of The 80s
B8 Cheaters Ice Man
B9 Stains Feel Guilty
B10 Teenage PhDs Punk Rock Is Dead

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