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V/A Rudolf Wants To Dance Mixtape

V/A Rudolf Wants To Dance Mixtape

$5.00 $9.00

Limited to 100 Italian import mixtape with tracks from a bunch of heavy hitters.


A Side:

Audacity "Dirty Boy"

Flat Worms "Petulance"

Hippies vs Ghosts "II"

Morgan Delt "Sun Powers"

Video Age "Regulars"

Erik Nervous "Dollar Store Holiday"

Charla Fantasma "Ain't Nobody Sure"

B Side:

Video "Drink It In"

Objects "For Your Health"

I.D.A.L.G. "Post Dynamite"

Liquids "Malignant Humor"

Surface To Air Missive "The Heat"

Ian Sweet "All Skaters Go To Heaven"

Gregg Garvey "Another Home"

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