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Fire Exit "40 Years Of FIRE EXIT" 2xCD

Fire Exit "40 Years Of FIRE EXIT" 2xCD


Old Scottish Punk Rock stalwarts "Fire Exit" are celebrating 40 years of the phenomenon of what we know as Punk Rock!. Gerry Attrick, the singer has been the main stayer of the band and has kept the band together throughout the last 40 years.

On this double CD, Gerry has delved deep into the bands archives and dug deep and has dusted off some very early tracks, demos, choice cover versions and some of the old stage favourites. Some of the sound quality do vary as they had to compiled from all sorts of different formats from throughout the 40 years history but on the Whole, you can see what Gerry was trying to aim at and bring the energy through which is a big part of what Gerry and the band stand for!

So come on, lets celebrate with Gerry and the lads and listen to the last 40 years!

TRACKLIST: As Long As Were Alive, Townlife, Daughter Of Sin, Avalanche, The Pylon, We`re All Together (Part 1), Wheelchair Outa Control, Exterminate, Burn The Churches (Part 2), Talking Bout Myself, Runaway, Whips N Furs, The First Time, Timewall (2009 Featuring Knox), Hey Little Rich Boy, Let The Show Begin, The Things People Do, Never Gona, Glasgow Attack, Life With The Family, Egyptian Curse, The Beat Goes Faster, We Hated Skool, N.P.S No Political Status, Burn The Churches, Strangeways, Into, We`re All Together (Part 2), Going Crazy, Trust, Who`s Your Hero, Radiation Leak, We`re Gona Drink, United & Strong, Death Boredom, Kid On Hard Man, We`re Here For You, The Accuser-Outro, Hey Hey Are You Ready, Changing (Guitar Mix)

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