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Peggio Punx "30 Anni Di Rumori" 2xCD

Peggio Punx "30 Anni Di Rumori" 2xCD


Double CD digipack including a thick 36 page booklet with a HUGE collection of band's photos, artworks flyers and lyrics. 89 song discography including all the existing PEGGIO PUNX studio and demo recordings (1982-1989) + their best sounding live material from 1983 to 1989. The most stunning surprise on this release is an entire pre-production demo in the studio (1984) remastered directly from the original reels, nobody knew about its existence not even the band members! All this has been maniacally remastered through a long range of time to offer you the best possible sounding result... "Disastro sonoro" 7", "La città è quieta ombre parlano" 7", "Ci stanno uccidendo.." 12", "Cattivi maestri" 12" all taken from the master reels with no vinyl crackles and background noises like the previous badly done editions. This is one of the most essential discograhies on the whole early '80s Italian Hardcore/Punk wild bunch! For those who haven't heard Peggio Punx, this is fast, intense and highly original HC the Italian way, some of their early recordings reminding the school generated by Dead Kennedys and Bad Brains, with the unique Italian touch!

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