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Simpletones "I Have A Date" CD WAREHOUSE FIND


Another POSH BOY Warehouse Find! ESSENTIAL Simpletones Discography CD. I doubt that I'll be able to get these again, so if you want it - grab it!


1 Simpletones I Like Drugs
2 Simpletones T.V. Love
3 Simpletones California
4 Simpletones Don't Bother Me
5 Simpletones Dead Meat (Killer Smog)
6 Simpletones Kirsty Q (Test Pressing Version)
7 Simpletones Nasty Nazi
8 Simpletones Crisco Disco
9 Simpletones Rock 'N' Roll Star
10 Simpletones Cardboard Crotch
11 Simpletones I Have A Date
12 Simpletones Tiger Beat Twist
13 Simpletones You Drive Me (Disco) Ape
14 Simpletones God Save The Pope
15 Simpletones Kirsty Q (Beach Blvd. Version)
16 Simpletones Dee Jwah
17 Simpletones Love Is Wrong
19 Simpletones Disco Dave
19 Simpletones I Wanna Be Dead
20 Simpletones I Like Drugs (Test Pressing Version, Live @Erics)
21 The Klan (3) Cover Girls
22 The Klan (3) Pushin' Too Hard

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