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13th Chime "The Singles: 1981 - 1983" LP

13th Chime "The Singles: 1981 - 1983" LP


Side A: Cuts Of Love, Coffin Maker, Cursed, Dug Up, Tinker Man
Side B: Fire, Hide And Seek, Sally Ditch, Thirteenth Victum, Radio Man


We are proud to announce the release of the 13th Chime singles collection. Long sought after by collectors, the UK band only released a scant three singles in their time together before dissolving into obscurity. Their sound—a merging of deathrock’s dark driving aggression and post-punk’s sparse arrangements—reflected the realities of life in a small market town in the desolate political landscape of early 80s Britain.

In cooperation with the band members Sacred Bones has collected 13th Chime’s three singles plus rare never before heard demo recordings of “Tinker Man,” “Radio Man,” and “13th Victim.” Detailed liner notes by Clive O’Grady tell the entire story—from schoolmates in the Suffolk town of Haverhill to tours with The Enid, Theater of Hate, support slots with The Adicts and Dead Kennedys, and an inevitable breakup, making friends and fans out of John Peel and The Groundhogs’ Tony McPhee along the way.

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