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Aborted Tortoise "EP" LP

Aborted Tortoise "EP" LP


Side A: I Killed My Girlfriend, Chicks Dig Scabs, $35 (Would See Me Right), At The Beach

Side B: Involuntary Euthanasia, Sewer Rats, Lawyerman, Better Off Dead


45rpm 12" vinyl of our debut EP pressed on translucent kelly green vinyl. Artwork by Meagan Bates.

Apologies for the price - worked with the band to get these as cheap as possible from Australia to the US.

What kind tunes we talkin?

I guess the easiest way to describe us is “surf punk”.  It's pretty fast and real simple, we take a lot of inspiration from '70s punk mainly, stuff like The Ramones, The Saints, Dead Kennedys, Black Flag and The Stooges but also with a pretty significant garage/surfy sorta vibe courtesy of The Mummies, Dick Dale, The Ventures and The Sonics. Loud and simple is how we do it. - Pilerats

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