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Alcoholics, The "East Of Sepulveda" LP

Alcoholics, The "East Of Sepulveda" LP


Side A (EP & Demos): Going Outside, Gotta Be Wise, Kids in My Neighborhood, Pesticides, Confidence, Grocery Store, City

Side B (Live): Cars And Girls, West Coast Mess, Hospital Bed, False Security, I Don't Know Why, U.P.S., Going Outside

After getting ripped off by three record companies during the past four decades,
The Alcoholics, the Los Angeles punk rock band that existed from 1979-82, will
release East of Sepulveda on April 22, 2017, a compilation of studio and live
cuts. The record is part of Sahlugg Records newly minted Punk Archive Series.
During the past 38 years, several rock and rap groups have named themselves "The
Alcoholics." But the original group, formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1979,
was a punk rock band that gigged incessantly and broke up in 1982. While the
group only issued one 5-song, 7-inch EP, Alcoholics, on its own Overindulged
Records label, the record is now a collector's item, priced at $300 or more.
This EP is sought worldwide, and former Alcoholics receive calls and letters
from fans, journalists and vinyl junkies who hope to buy it and learn more about
the "obscure" band. Unfortunately, little is now known about the group. Once a
blemish on the early L.A. punk rock scene, The Alcoholics faded into the South
Bay streets from which they roamed. Recorded at Black Flag's Media Art Studio in
Hermosa Beach, California, in January 1980, the 1,000 copies of Alcoholics soon
went out of print. Overseen by Spot, the seminal punk producer, the songs from
the recording session have never been re-released but now resurface newly
remastered on East of Sepulveda. The Alcoholics also saved all of their studio
session tapes, many recorded in El Segundo, California, and dating from early 1979.
In addition, many excellent live tapes are still with band members. None of this
material has ever been released but is now included on the Sahlugg Records
retrospective. While now known among punk aficionados as "early South Bay
hardcore," The Alcoholics never made the punk rock pantheon. But the band shared
stages and bills with Agent Orange, Social Distortion, Bad Religion, The Crowd,
The Gears, early Red Cross, Middle Class, The Adolescents, The Mentors, UXA, The
Chiefs, Stains, Top Jimmy and the Rhythm Pigs, The Sheiks of Shake, The Circle
Jerks and The Simpletones, to name a few. They also performed at the Fleetwood
in Redondo Beach, California, when Penelope Spheeris shot The Decline of Western
Civilization. The band, however, never made it into the final cut. Spheeris wasn't
interested in The Alcoholics. Still, during a Decline segment at The Church, the
legendary Black Flag hang out in Hermosa Beach, viewers see "The Alcoholics" spray
painted on the walls. Robbie Fields, guru of Posh Boy Records, asked them to record
for his label in 1980, but the band never made it into his studio. 2017 marks the
38-year anniversary of the band's founding.


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