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Aquarian Blood "Last Nite In Paradise" LP

Aquarian Blood "Last Nite In Paradise" LP



Aquarian Blood began as the home recording project of husband & wife J.B. and Laurel Horrell - both of Moving Finger; he of Ex-Cult, and she formerly of Nots. The duo yielded two now out-of-print tapes of total trippiness on the ZAP cassette label before adding a crew of 4 (sometimes 5) Memphis degenerates from assorted generations to play hypnotic, synth-y tracks based on the occult/cults, the paranormal, and other obscurities. The full band released a Record Store Day 7" on Goner in 2015, and, more recently, a 7" on New Orleans' label Pelican Pow Wow. Last Nite In Paradise, 15 tracks that showcase a mix of those early ethereal tapes and the harsher psychedelic punk they stick to live these days, is their debut full-length, out February 10th, 2017, on Goner.

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