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Asocial "Det Bittra Slutet +" 2xLP


Side A: Det Bittra Slutet 7"/demos

Side B: Asocial Attack Cassette

Side C: Demos

Side D: Live in 1984

"Total Swedish Hardcore mangel at its best! Credited by heavy metal expert Daniel Ekeroth as the true inventors of the ‘blast-beat’ and the originators of grindcore (he defines ASOCIAL as ‘key to any survey of estreme music‘ in his book ‘Swedish Death Metal‘), ASOCIAL are a total cult among old European Hardcore Punk collectors. This monster anthology (55 SONGS) on double LP has been entirely compiled by the band using the original 1/4″ reels and 1st generation tapes, it has been edited and mastered by the band and even the whole layout has been put together by them using rare photos, flyers, cassette covers, liner notes and more!

It includes the legendary “Det bittra slutet” EP (1984) with its previous demo and unreleased tracks from the same session, the complete “Asocial Attack” cassette (the one that it’s assumed to feature some of the first blast beats ever landed on this planet!), an extra rehearsal from the same period, extra demo tracks 1983-1984 (among which the songs included on the “No war no more Vol. II” Comp. Tape) and 15 live tracks (the complete Split cassette with Distrust + 2 more songs recorded in Hedemora).  What to add?  If you like the fastest Scandinavian Hardcore/Punk and your daily drug is the insanely raw devastation of bands like Mob 47, Anti Cimex, The Shitlickers, Crude SS, Discard and the many “really fast” treasures that came out of the Swedish scene in the early ’80s, then this double LP is an absolute must for your collection!  Housed in a glossy UV laminated gatefold cover including a 8 page booklet!

Regular edition on solid back vinyl, limited to 400 copies" - F.O.A.D.


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