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Asocial "House Of Gore +" LP

Asocial "House Of Gore +" LP


The third and final installment that completes the ASOCIAL vinyl reissues to make their entire 1982-1994 easily available for all you Scandicore psychos. This LP collects the following: “How could Hardcore be any worse” (split tape with The Bedrövlers, 1984… THEIR FASTEST RECORDINGS EVER!) plus some extra unreleased stuff, songs from “Hardcore for the masses” and “Attack is now suicide” v.a. LPs (both from 1988), the “House of gore” 7″ (1992) and their songs from “Distortion to hell” v.a. CD (1994). All this stuff has been mastered from the original reels and mastertapes. This collection shows the band’s progression from the early, out of control ultra Hardcore annihilation to a more d-beat paced (as a matter of fact, a Discharge cover is included) and even metallic HC approach, still keeping the aggression and power that has always been a trademark in their sound. 25 tracks. Housed in a glossy gatefold sleeve with silver hot-foil stamping.


A1 Asocial Attack
A2 Hardcore Song
A3 Krossa
A4 Revolution
A5 När Kriget Är Här
A6 Samhällets Offer
A7 En Död
A8 Bränn Din Röstedal
A9 Alternativ
A10 Jag Ska Aldrig Bil Militär
A11 Lät Dom Inte Lura Dig
A12 Militär Diktatur
A13 Religiös Moral
A14 Siuk Tortyr
A15 Hardcore Song
A16 Total Frihet
A17 No Time To Be Nice
A18 Stop The Torture
B1 Call For Freedom
B2 House Of Gore
B3 Act Of Violence
B4 Q: And Children A: And Children
B5 The Nightmare Arrives / Goodbye
B6 Burn Offerings
B7 Rebound Reality

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