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Attak / Shit "Split" LP


Side A (Attak Side): Tube Disaster, Decontrol, Died, Bombsite, No Nos Quieren Escuchar, We're Attak, Problems, I Wanna Be Your dog, Do They Owe Us A Living, Anarkia En El Sistema

Side B (Shit Side): Fuckin Shit, Abortos, No Music No Life, Revive Tu Vida, Quique Es Mi Amigo, Disneylandia, Chicos De NY, No Te Drogues Con La TV, Rapida Degeneracion, Ponzonosos Gusanos, Rear Wheels / Ignation Windows, Piratas

"The idea is to show the numerous forgotten Barcelona bands, ​​but while influenced in one way or another to many bands that came later. This time we have chosen two bands ATTAK with a concert in the Garage room in 1982 and SHIT SA with its model and issues a direct also in Zeleste in 1983. Will include of course a fanzine." - VomitosPunkRock (English Translation)


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