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Big Boys "Fun Fun Fun" LP

Big Boys "Fun Fun Fun" LP


Side A: Nervous, Apolitical, Hollywood Swinging

Side B: Prison, We Got Soul, Fun Fun Fun

If you were to find a person unfamiliar with the Big Boys, they would be one lucky son of a gun because they would be about to have their whole trip turned inside out. Fun, Fun, Fun... is the gateway to whole new world of empowerment. Anything in life is possible as long you have a positive attitude and this 12" to sing along to. You wanna skate ditches? Let's go! You wanna paint outside the lines? Do it loud! You wanna rock? Go start your own band! Fx3s got all the things to move your ass, a short HC ripper, a couple funk numbers (complete with horns - necessary) and the oh-so-important infectious anthemic tracks that tie the whole scene together. Part Kool & the Gang, part Angelic Upstarts, Black Flag and John Coltrane, they drew from a wide vein of musical inspiration in their quest to open minds and instill a creative, uplifting, socially aware ethos. All that being said they did the whole thing with a smile the size of Texas itself.
Fun, Fun, Fun... A gift so nice, they named it thrice. -- Jensen Ward
(all copies also include an AMAZING 24 page 12x12 booklet of old fliers and photos hence the higher shipping rate)

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