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Blitzkrieg "Ohne Zukunft" 2xLP

Blitzkrieg "Ohne Zukunft" 2xLP


Twisted Chords


History lesson: Hanover, 1981. Punk in its absolute early phase and Blitzkrieg in the middle. Founded in 1979 and dissolved again in 1982. Hardcore pogo-Schrammel-Punk with straight anti-attitude and the very classic themes of early German punk.Blitzkrieg played a few dozen gigs with bands such as Slime, ZK, Buttocks and Middle Class Fantasties, recorded a legendary 7 with "Ohne Zukunft" (No Nordstadt Records) and immediately dissolved again. Parts of the band later founded the Boskops, but that's another story."Ohne Zukunft" was released in 1994 as a 35-song compilation CD with everything the band had ever recorded or recorded. Now for the first time ever on vinyl.

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