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Brown Sugar "Long Strange Drip" LP

LOKI-030: Brown Sugar. "Long Strange Drip" LP. Nearly 10 years to the day the band was birthed, we are proud to present the what could be the definitive Brown Sugar release and/or the final nail in the coffin. This LP contains all of the tracks from the singles and compilations, each one cleaned up and remastered for maximum fidelity (and trust me those flexi tracks needed it), plus a selection of unreleased odds and sods put together by the guitar guy himself, including tracks from the mythical 'Songs About Birds' demo. Contains double sided 12x12 insert with the best liner notes I've read in years.

This here is the regular edition of the LP. Black vinyl, pro printed full color pocket sleeves (none of the foldover bullshit), black inner sleeve, double-sided 12x12 cardstock insert. There are/were 500 of these in the world total. Ever. A joint project with our comrades at Feral Kid Records.

!!!LP is 34 cuts, all the singles and comp tracks remastered, plus unreleased songs and the best stuff from the demos/tapes !!!!


A1 Hey Joe
A2 Trash Can
A3 2012
A4 Try Harder
A5 Dirty Minds
A6 Deportation
A7 Blow
A8 Final Jeopardy
A9 Clean Cut Turds
A10 Intro
A11 Superman
A12 Uncontrollable Urge
A13 Cancao De Amizade
A14 Milkshake & Fries
A15 Mindfunk
A16 Superman
A17 Urban Prairie Blues
A18 Cocksmoker
A19 Kinga Tha Road
A20 Valu Menu
A21 Superman
B1 Thyme 2 Dye
B2 Girl Down By The River
B3 La La Land
B4 2 Fucked 2 Drunk
B5 Einstein
B6 Sweet Water Pink Boat
B7 Candy
B8 Alpha & Omega
B9 Easy Ridah
B10 Choir Boy
B11 Another Perfect Song
B12 Chocolate City
B13 The Vegetarian 6699

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