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Centre Negative "Emotion Is Cringey" LP

Centre Negative "Emotion Is Cringey" LP


Side A: In, (Secretly He's A Racist), Under The Influence, Change Is The Most Sincere Kind Of Apology, The Bureaucrats Are Dying Off, Shut Up!!!

Side B: 7 Octillion Atoms, Fuck You, Cute Little Poem For No-One, Act Natural, Existential Arrogance, I Didn't Appreciate Myself, Mark 10:25, 21/5/15, Profitable & Desperate, Out


"finally, i'm legitimised!" -me

What form can you touch but the tangible? what can you phlex but the physical? what do you need but the needlable?

Yes, i'm talking about my body!

The same body that is routinely mowed down by an anxiety NOT UNLIKE that of our current capitalist moment. (badoosh). The same body host to petulant self-hatred of the most middle-class order (i'm looking at you, punk music!), and the same body that got a fucking cancerous, aka malignant, aka this-will-kill-you, tumour ripped out of its elbow this February, right outta the bone. yes, the body that made EMOTION IS CRINGEY by CENTRE NEGATIVE.

I'm still alive, god dammit, and I'm scared as ever. so HERE I AM, ON THE RECORD, TO PROVE IT:

-'shut up!!!!' is the certified grade-A hit
-'existential arrogance' is about most people
-'change is the most sincere kind of apology' is where i confess how shit i've been to folks (tuff blokes, prepare to fuck off!)
-'the bureaucrats are dying off' is a song of sadism, by a masochist, about the sadomasochists of the world.
-'fuck you' speaks for itself.

And more, of course!

You can thank New Zealand for suffocating all but what made it onto this album! you can thank a childhood of evangelical christianity for poisoning what would otherwise be an ordinary record! you can thank a cancer for destroying the god-anointed elbow that strummed all these songs all by itself! (and keep an eye out for the prosthesis-induced next album!)

This is for the suburbanites on shitty isles, this is for trans pals, and this is definitely for the amputees.

Oh, it's dinky alright.

mikey x. negative

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