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Chaos "1980/1986" LP



A1 Oi The Song
A2 Just Having Some Fun
A3 Paintfull Pleasure
A4 Billy Is A Bootboy
A5 Auschwitz
A6 Kill Kill Kill
A7 Harry Roberts
A8 Mutant Sex
A9 We´re Pissed Off
B1 Chaos
B2 Soldier
B3 Lost Saviours
B4 Tribal Warfare
B5 Action Man
B6 What's On Next
B7 Hey You
B8 Vietnam
B9 Pressure

300 copies on Black vinyl
A1: Live at the pied bull 5th august 1980
A2 - A7: Demo, Trax Studios (June 1980)
A8: Live Oddys club Oldham 12 may 1983
A9: Live at Feltham football club 9 sept 1983
B1 - B3: Demo, Eating Community Centre (21st May 1983)
B3 - B6: Alaska Studios (26th October 1983)
++++(B4 - B6: released as 7" single
B7: released on Who? What? Why? Where? When? compilation.)++++
B8 - B9: Demo, Ram Studios 24th August 1986

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