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Chinas Comidas "Complete Studio Recordings 77-81" LP

Chinas Comidas "Complete Studio Recordings 77-81" LP


Discography of this early Seattle new wave/punk group collecting both of their 1979 7" singles plus unreleased studio and live material. Jerky new wave with delightful keys and punker attitude, especially in the vocal department. I can definitely see fans of Pere Ubu liking this, especially with how "open" all of these songs feel. Stylistically the Chinas weren't a dedicated punk band, but I can certainly see fans of Suburban Lawns and The Bags (whom they opened for) firmly embracing this material. Really nicely package in a gatefold sleeve full of liner notes, flyers, and photos. Spanish import on Take The City Records.


1 Isadora 4:41
2 Sweeter than ever 3:57
3 Criminal Cop 3:45
4 Peasant Slave 2:09
5 Lover/Lover 2:27
6 Big Ideas 3:24
7 Pride And Joy 3:47
8 Oh My Goodness 3:22
9 For The Rich 2:47
10 Snaps 3:20
11 Protection Racket 4:57
12 The Witch 2:45

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