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Chosen Few "Really Gonna Punch You Out" 2xLP

Chosen Few "Really Gonna Punch You Out" 2xLP


A1 The Joke's On Us 1:41
A2 T.A.L.O.I.G.A. 2:28
A3 Adolph You Beauty! 3:05
A4 Disco Tek Wreck (Dedicated To Deniz) 2:10
A5 Do The Manic (To Kill Or Maim, Honey!!) 1:25
A6 Terminal Rock 4:08
A7 Record Co. Execs 1:56
A8 Buried And Dead 1:42
B1 Adolph You Beauty 3:25
B2 Mercenary Of Love 2:06
B3 Fag Trendies 1:58
B4 Back Streetkiller 2:52
B5 No Fun On The Beaches 3:13
B6 Slimey Characters 2:52
B7 Down The Basement 1:41
B8 The Hunter 2:09
C1 Disco Tek Wreck 2:13
C2 Joke's On Us 1:33
C4 (Do The Manic) To Kill Or Maim 1:28
C5 Make Up Your Mind 1:36
C6 That's Life 3:10
C7 He's Waiting 2:56
C8 Football Fever 3:33
D1 Ramblin'Rose
D2 Search & Destroy
D3 Disco Tek Wreck
D4 Get Knicked
D5 Hard Lovin Man
D6 That's Life
D7 Joke's On Us
D8 New Race

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