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Citric Dummies "Tearing Out My Nails" LP

Citric Dummies "Tearing Out My Nails" LP


Side A: Cops On Bikes, Alone On Cologne (Mainline Calvin Cline), Someone's Living In The Bathroom (It's Me), Piss On My Brain, We're Gonna Borrow your Gear (Tonight), Life Is So Horrifying

Side B: Where The Fuck Were You, I Look Like Shot (And That's Alright), Nice Guy, We're Rich, Tearing Out My Nails, Pet Your Dog, Kill Everyone Who Drives, 2Busy2<3U, Private Property, Hooked On Pie


"Out of the ashes of Brain Tumors comes the Dummies, the Citric ones. Jerky punk guitar driven calamitous tunes with hyper yet clear and tuneful vocals hurling toilet lyrics and an attitude that is also of-the-toilet. Its an album! An album whose grooves are densely packed with the sounds of angry nerds propelling their rotten attitudes down deep into the basement.  The punk basement. This does not sound like Devo or Sheer Mag. Buy and fry."
- Steven Peffer/Hausfrau Record Shop

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