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Clever "Kewdi Udi" LP

Clever "Kewdi Udi" LP


Side A: Homesteady, The Scars, Your Eyesore's Sweat, Goat From The Badlands
Side B: Juju 1 2, Interpersonal, Whip, My Head


Clever feed themselves full of each other in what has to be one of the more ferocious excursions thru Kurt Cobain's fav 80's US noiserocksick act lists this here scene vet has had congeal from good scum and form before his own privileged by mother birth's eyeballs blinking. I used that there block o' text to use up all pretense these boys had in em, y'know, to leave something true.
Clever are true entertainment, and there ain't a funny bone among the lot of em. YOU WON'T LAUGH."
- Glen Schenau (Per Purpose, Cured Pink, Bent, Brisbane resident)

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