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Coltranes , The "White Hag" LP

Coltranes , The "White Hag" LP



Thankfully, before breaking up, The Coltranes made sure to conclude their tale of horrific mystery with one final LP. Long in the making and exhibiting an intense attention to detail, we now find The Coltranes at the end point of their decade-long artistic progression. Ten tracks of discordant, riff-heavy noise rock executed with the momentum and rocking of USHC. With their busiest, most hyperactive riffs and most booming, in-the-pocket drumming, combined with the best production and tightest musicianship of any of their records, White Hag LP is at once the The Coltranes at their grooviest and naturally smoothest, while also at their most aggressive and composed. Stare into the vision of terror and bliss one more time before you blink and it disappears. 
Art by the man, the myth, the legend, Yecatl Pena.

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