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Creation , The "Action Painting" 2xLP + Book

Creation , The "Action Painting" 2xLP + Book



A1 The Creation Making Time
A2 The Mark Four Hurt Me If You Will
A3 The Mark Four I'm Leaving
A4 The Mark Four Work All Day (Sleep All Night)
A5 The Mark Four Going Down Fast
A6 The Creation Try And Stop Me
B1 The Creation Painter Man
B2 The Creation Life Is Just Beginning
B3 The Creation The Girls Are Naked
B4 The Creation Bonie Maronie
B5 The Creation Uncle Bert
B6 The Creation Biff, Bang, Pow (stereo)
C1 The Creation How Does It Feel To Feel (US version - stereo)
C2 The Creation For All That I Am (stereo)
C3 The Creation Can I Join Your Band (stereo)
C4 The Creation Through My Eyes (stereo)
C5 The Creation Nightmares (stereo)
C6 The Creation Sweet Helen
D1 The Creation If I Stay Too Long (stereo)
D2 The Creation Tom Tom (stereo)
D3 The Creation Midway Down (stereo)
D4 The Creation I Am The Walker
D5 The Creation Ostrich Man
D6 The Creation How Does It Feel To Feel (UK version - stereo)


Biff! A violin bow scrapes across the strings of a guitarBang! The hiss of a an aerosol can releases paint on to canvasPow! As the violin bow pierces the canvas.Presented here for the first time are the complete Creation studio recordings. All 42 tracks (CD version) have been remastered from the original tapes by Shel Talmy, and given fresh stereo mixes where previously unavailable. New essays by Dean Rudland and Alec Palao tell the band's story and dive into their complete studio sessions. Scores of previously unpublished photographs adorn the accompanying 80 page hard bound book (CD version). We've rounded the whole package out with four tracks by pre-Creation freakbeat quartet the Mark Four, making Action Painting the definitive collection of this legendary UK band.

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