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Cuntz "Cooked" 7"

Cuntz "Cooked" 7"



Melbourne's Cuntz are the kind of guys who don't make deadlines. The kind of guys who come to your party, drink all your beer, and spend the rest of the night following your girlfriend around. A bunch of no good bogans. After knocking our socks off at last year's Goner Fest we asked them to do a single. This thing has been over a year in the making and well worth the wait. Gurgling up from the same dark sewers as country mates Venom P. Stinger, Cuntz give us two more tracks of their signature drug soaked thug punk covered in scuzz and the sardonic howls of a madman screaming, tongue planted firmly in cheek, about his never-ending search for domesticity. 100% TOTAL PUNK.

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