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Dead Kennedys "Mutiny On The Bay" LP

Dead Kennedys "Mutiny On The Bay" LP


The first-ever authorized live album by the Dead Kennedys--following decades of bootlegs--is a DKs fan dream come true, as it contains absolutely scorching live versions of 14 of their best and most notorious songs. Whether live or in the studio, the DKs were always real players, easily some of the most accomplished musicians in American punk. Mutiny on the Bay captures their savvy, sophisticated chaos with juicy, startling clarity. Culled from four shows in their hometown of San Francisco in 1982 and 1986, Mutiny features most of their signature songs ("Holiday in Cambodia," "Police Truck," "California Über Alles," "MTV Get off the Air," etc.), all delivered with the deeply sarcastic, politically and socially confrontational élan that crowds loved and the powers-that-be loathed. The sound quality is bracing and brilliant, and captures the band in all its high-flying, punk rock/thrash/surf glory. A time bomb wired from the past, Mutiny on the Bay is easily one of the Dead Kennedys' most essential releases.


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