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Dead Kennedys "Plastic Surgery Disasters" LP

Dead Kennedys "Plastic Surgery Disasters" LP


Plastic Surgery Disasters," The Dead Kennedys' second full-length (released in 1982), is probably their best album ever. This release established the band as one of the world's most controversial underground acts.


A1 Advice From Christmas Past 0:55
A2 Government Flu 2:04
A3 Terminal Preppie 1:30
A4 Trust Your Mechanic 2:55
A5 Well Paid Scientist 2:22
A6 Buzzbomb 2:22
A7 Forest Fire 2:23
A8 Halloween 3:35
A9 Winnebago Warrior 2:08
B1 Riot 5:58
B2 Bleed For Me 3:25
B3 I Am The Owl 4:52
B4 Dead End 3:56
B5 Moon Over Marin 3:42

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