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Desperate Bicycles "Singles" LP

Desperate Bicycles "Singles" LP


A1 Smokescreen
A2 Handlebars
A3 The Medium Was Tedium
A4 Don't Back The Front
A5 (I Make The) Product
A6 Paradise Lost
A7 Advice On Arrest
A8 Holidays
A9 The Housewife Song
A10 Cars
B1 Occupied Territory
B2 Skill
B3 Obstructive
B4 Conundrum
B5 Grief Is Very Private
B6 Channel
B7 Stammer

A1-A2: Smokescreen 7", 1977
A3-A4: The Medium Was Tedium 7", 1977
A5-A10: New Cross, New Cross 7", 1978
B1-B2: Occupied Territory 7", 1978
B3-B5: Grief Is Very Private 7", 1980
B6-B7: Channel 7", 1980, as The Evening Outs

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