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DOA "War On 45" LP

DOA "War On 45" LP


Side A: Liar For Hire, I'm Right You're Wrong, America The Beautiful, Let's Fuck
Side B: War, I Hate You, War In The East, Classwar

Sudden Death Records is stoked to announce the 30th Anniversary Reissue of D.O.A’s War on 45. This is the first time this epic release has been available on vinyl in over 15 years. It was produced by THOM WILSON (Offspring) and released on Faulty Products and then Alternative Tentacles way back in 1982. While not a full album, this 8 song EP plays at 45 rpm (which confused a lot of people back in ‘82 as they played it at 33 rpm) and it was Canada’s most influential band’s follow up to their acclaimed Hardcore ‘81 album. War on 45 was hailed as a barrier breaker with it’s collection of anti -war songs right at the height of President Ronald Reagan’s cold war rhetoric and nuclear arms buildup. This powerful piece of work has a great musical range, from the driving twisting sounds of “Liar For Hire,” “I’m Right, You’re Wrong” and “America The Beautiful” to the dub reggae strains of “War In The East.” There is also a blistering version of THE DILS’ classic “Class War,” but the topper may be the band’s version of “War,” one of the top two or three cover renditions of any Motown song by any artist. Just a bit more history, D.O.A. and producer Wilson recorded and mixed the EP over the course of five consecutive nights from midnight to 6AM. Obviously D.O.A., THE MEN OF ACTION and Thom Wilson got it right.

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