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Donkey Bugs "Ancient Chinese Secrets" LP

Donkey Bugs "Ancient Chinese Secrets" LP



Clevos DBs have created a bizarro left field masterpiece. Strange, mystical, mysterious - I just can’t remember the last time I was so debilitated by music. Some songs bring to mind the best late 00s drum machine punk bands such as Spider/Catatonic Youth, others move into industrial territory a la Monte Cazazza (especially “ABCs of Lust”). And a peppering of dub to boot! There are Multiple personalities behind the mic – a regular vocalist, a Russian woman, Kate Bush, a cheese loving northerner. The vocals really shine, some of the most confident lyrics I’ve heard. Definitely an unrestrained feel to the entire album (feedback as an instrument???) a la the Residents – the first time I heard it reminded me of the first time I heard Duck Stab, completely mind bending. Not for everyone but I’m completely smitten.

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