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Drunk Elk "In The Tuscan Sun" 7"

Drunk Elk "In The Tuscan Sun" 7"

Two new tracks from Drunk Elk, a trio from Hobart, Tasmania. A major highlight in the IDDB office throughout the last few years and arguably one of the best bands on earth right now with a under-the-radar discography filled with genuine gems. Wonky, lonesome down-under brilliance, in spirit and partially in sound channeling everything from The Garbage & The Flowers to The Shadow Ring while ultimately lingering beautifully in a parallel universe. Slow-motion wine-infused avant-folk with the distinctive vocals of Dave Askew, both tracks recorded mid 2016 and following up the very much overlooked Constellations 2x7" released on Black Petal in 2015. The A-side 'In The Tuscan Sun' is probably their finest moment yet, one of their most direct, heart-wrenching numbers and right now the best track IDDB ever spent euros on. The 'Wings Of Winter' flipside is more traditional Elk, precarious and fucked late night desolation. The 7" comes with a 8-page booklet featuring a chapter from Dave's story 'The Land Over The Ocean'.

200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, booklet. Plays at 45rpm.

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