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Drunk Mums "Leather" 7"

Drunk Mums "Leather" 7"


Side A: No Staunch, Blitz

Side B: I've Got A Motorbike So Fuck You, Viper


DRUNK MUMS haven’t been fucken round. They’ve taken the reigns in the studio since their 2012 album and jumped off the back of their last LP “GONE TROPPO" to produce “LEATHER” the bands first 7” record.
Consisting of 4 tracks the record takes more influence from Pure Punk & Classic Rock and less from modern Garage while still maintaining the charm that we know from the past.
The record springs to mind early Proto-Punk sounds and Classic Rock & Roll not unlike GG Allin, Ramones, The Stones.

You can grab the release from Pissfart Records on November 30th. Limited to 300 copies. Every copy will have a A3 Poster, Download Card & Insert.

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