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Dyke Drama "Up Against The Bricks" LP

Dyke Drama "Up Against The Bricks" LP


Side A: Rolling Tears, Crying In A Bathroom Stall, You Can't Count On Me, Say When, Day-For-Night Shot

Side B: At It Aain, Up Against The Bricks, I Just Wanted To See you So Bad, CIS Girls, Some Days I Load My Gun


Second solo LP from Sadie Switchblade (G.L.O.S.S./ Peeple Watchin', Credentials).
Dyke Drama seems to be Switchblade’s outlet for songs of the stirring and heartsick variety, and she navigates through punk anthemics, Replacements-core pointedness, and countryfied storytelling with ease.
The album opens with “Rolling Tears”, starting with an acoustic guitar and changing pace suddenly, setting the mood for the record. She opens up about her relationship struggles in “Crying In A Bathroom Stall,” showing uninhibited emotion as she sings about coping with heartbreak: “I dunno how I’m gonna live, how I’m gonna live through this” and shares her feelings towards cis women and their lack of understanding in “Cis Girls”, saying “You say I’m second to none, like I ain’t second best.” The album ends with “Some Days I Load My Gun”, a harrowing acoustic track about contemplating suicide

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