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Elonkorjuu "Harvest Time" Gatefold LP

Elonkorjuu "Harvest Time" Gatefold LP


Side A: Unfeeling, Swords, Captain, Praise To Our Basement, Future
Side B: Hey Hunter, The Ocean Song, Old Man's Dream, Me And My Friend, A Little Rocket Song

Fully authorised reissue! Perhaps the most expensive and sought after Finnish cult item, original copies of this 1972 album change hands for four figure sums.

In comparison with bigger local prog acts of the time, such as Wigwam and Tasavallan Presidentti, Elonkorjuu were louder and heavier, combining Canterbury influences with Cream/Zeppelin style hard rock. The band later evolved into a jazz-rock act but the first album is full-blown guitar-oriented progressive hard rock.

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