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Emptifish "6.57 The Best Of" LP

Emptifish "6.57 The Best Of" LP


Side A: Surfboard, Manta Ray, At Home, 315, 395 BBK, I Want That Girl, I'm Gonna Change The World

Side B: 6.57 - You Know You Want It, Real Gone, Jail Babe, Feel Inside, Feel So Good, The Girl With The Beautiful Hair

The album contains 13 songs: both 7" singles, a tune from their live at Basins film, previously unreleased recordings and something very special that we were able to track down.
It's the South Coast of England, 1983-1987, and garage trash has just met punk rock, via 50s Surf, Elvis, Hamburg era Beatles, The Cramps and The Milkshakes.
One band, their stylish fans and their football team's infamous 6.57 crew define the devil may care of an extraordinary time ... and in the process get banned out of existence.
It's a tale of shows at The Klub Foot/The Clarendon Hotel, Reading's Paradise Club and Portsmouth's Basins Dance Hall. Read about mad nights where wrecking, sharks (and the national press), suits, shades and immaculate hair were the norm. Find out why they were debated in the Houses of Parliament and about riots and trouble with a capital 'T'. Read all about it in the accompanying 16 page booklet .... you won't believe what you are reading, but it all happened!
This is the vinyl album that was never released .... so make sure you get your mits on a copy because with the interest we have in this it will sell out.

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