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En Kernaghan Band "S/T" LP

En Kernaghan Band "S/T" LP


Side A: Kan Not, Krsna Krsna, Walken Down The Road, Female Desire, Standet

Side B: Hare Tadunow, Dedicated To Jaden, A Guitar Neck Over An Human Eck, Xhakeeta


Way down there at the bottom of the world, there is a young man named En Kernaghan who is devoting his life to a higher power. Make that two higher powers; and from our perspective, there ain’t none higher than Rock n’ Roll. For this his Ever/Never EP (200copies), En spins classics by The Cramps, Pussy Galore and more, into his own personal mantras. With the close-mic’d confidence of a young Jon Spencer and the zeal of a newly-tonsured Monk, Kernaghan will make you a believer. -e/n

En Ethan Kernaghan projekt experience banned band 1997 started in a bedroom in an australian suburb, slowly turning from that of a recording project into a performance band until being banned, then on to recording self titled LP. Kel ANG

It never cease to amaze me that the crude ache of our suburban miscreant forebears continues to fuel the best of the worst of the best, from Duane Eddy to the Cramps to Pussy Galore to Sex Tide and on down the line. Up next: EN KERNAGHAN. He dopes us with - yup - peculiar covers of PG and the Cramps and spins out like Ritchie Venus in an auto parts store run by Eric Hysteric (RIP). That’s more than the usual amount of name dropping for us here at FRR, but damn if @ever-never-records​ doesn’t get us going. - FRR

his 2014 limited edition S/T CS is still the crown jewel. Now a stateside label has stepped up given that essential album a proper vinyl release…

The flawless ever/never has just released the aforementioned cassette on 12″ vinyl. They went the extra mile, bringing the record a
beautifully arranged new album cover, featuring some sort of transcendentalist skinhead peering into all of your souls. Out now, 200 copies pressed, well worth it. - Urban Kill

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