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Eskorbuto "Demasiados Enemigos" LP

Eskorbuto "Demasiados Enemigos" LP


Side A: Adios Reina Mia, Presagio, Eskorbutin, Cosas De La Vida, Unete Al Desorden, Emborrachate

Side B: Intolerable, En La Luna, Nueva Esperanza, No Quiero Cambiar, La Mejor Banda Del Mundo

Eskorbuto revived. "Too many enemies" is not only the title of an album of this incendiary santurtziarra band, is responsible for carrying out the always-difficult task of closing a stage, to the point and end to a legendary combination as we met her until then.

Were a band of their time, and it shows every chord or chorus, marked to fire over the years by those who danced, and vibrated around the flames of the Group cursed.

At the dawn of the new decade of 1990 nobody bet a penny for them. They have passed eleven years since the thugs and mischievous boys of the rock´n´roll undertake their particular cross which would lead them to glory and also death, binomial that has become inseparable throughout his career. After times euphoric, fun and prolific emerged the nightmare, the sweat, the blood, the powders of form irreconcilable for get themselves. The degeneration made meat presided over the skepticism in it musical and in it staff of a band very personal. He road of thorns is confers opaque, the solution: clearing to hacked the weed, cutting by it healthy and "without looking back". Not they owe anything to anyone and the list of enemies becomes indeclinable. Reality far surpasses fiction and the expectations of any group of posh with aspirations to be the bad guys of the rock.

Eskorbuto are now a more mature band that although she always knew what he wanted had no choice but to fight to survive, they well know it. The symptoms of this situation beat strongly on this album.

More than three years have passed since that dark "the more macabre..." and garnered few performances and Yes many detractors who soon of tick almost bygone situation of the band due to his State of health and to assert that they did not have nor instrumental. It is at this time meaningfully when all voices with this "too many enemies".

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