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Espasmodicos "S/T" LP

Espasmodicos "S/T" LP

Espasmdicos were formed in the Malasana council, Madrid in the first days of 1981. J. Siemens (guitar), Kike (voice) and CSG71 (bass) were the first line-up, completed when Carlos Torero joined them as a drummer. Influenced by the first punk-hc bands coming out but also for some hard-rock elements, soon the first tracks were composed and then, in 1982, the mighty DRO label released their first 7" called "Recomendado para molestar a su vecino", featuring 3 songs that are one of the seminals steps into punk in this country. They had a guest on the person of
Karlox from Polansky y El Ardor at the saxophone, something very weird in the bands of the first punk wave. Since the 7" was released the band started to be well known and they went to some Spanish TV shows to promote their work. Carlos Torero decided to leave the band and a studio-session drummer joined in the person of Carlos de Yebra. In 1983 the band recorded their last songs: first they registered the mighty tracks that
went on to the great compilation "Punk, qué punk?" released by DRO. This songs were "Ta, vete a cagar" and a free cover-version from Sex Pistols called "Belsen was a gas",
something that pointed the band to a weird status as the lyric was something into Nazism or fascism, something that the band never were. The second studio session for that year (and the last ever for the band) was to register their maxi-single "Espasmdicos", five songs together with the great art-work done by J. Siemens and Kike Kruel, very similar to the Crass' stuff and so Beat Generation, absolutely fan of the band, is more than proud to release this LP with all their discography, together with a replica of the art-work.

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