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Exploding Hearts "Guitar Romantic" LP

Exploding Hearts "Guitar Romantic" LP


Side A: Modern Kicks, I'm A Pretender, Thorns in Roses, You're Black And Blue, Sleeping Aides And Razorblades
Side B: Rumours In Town, Throwaway Style, Boulevard Trash, Still Crazy, Jailbird

The latest in 1970s-styled power pop rocking from Portland, Oregon rave-ups EXPLODING HEARTS. Blending the songwriting charm and guitars of early Brit pop bands like the Undertones and The Jam, the romance of pop legends like Nick Lowe, the energy and attitude of power pop/punk bands like Buzzcocks and the Boys, and the beat and soul of the early Motown and Stax combos, the band gives-it-up with foot-stomping beats, great songwriting, and killer Rickenbacker guitar riffs.

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